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    • 中国·三友控股集团-logo
        Together Sanyou, Together Aftertime!
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      Company profile
      Sanyou Holding Group
      President & C.E.O.
      Concern and Exchange
      Development course
      Sanyou honors
      Affiliated companies
      WE WILL JOIN IGATEX PAKISTAN 2010 6th International Garment,Textile Machinery & Accessories Exhibition, WELCOME TO VISIT OUR BOOTH AT Hall #01 Stall#128 and 129 SANYOU Branch Office LHR Tariq Mahmood
      Off# 426, Al-Hafeez Shopping Mall Opp pace main buolevard Gulberg III, Lahore-Pakistan 0092-300-4630297
      E-mail: tmsanyou@gmail.com
         Sanyou Holding Group Co., Ltd. is located in the origin of Chinese market economy, Taizhou of Zhejiang, was established in 1971, is a multi-industry, comprehensive country-level enterprise group, province-level civilized unit, province-level three-star enterprise, province-level "three excellent" enterprise, enterprise with province-level well-known trade name, province-level business enterprise credit AAA "Abiding by contract, keeping promise" unit, province-level advanced quality management unit, has passed ISO 9001quality management system certification.
         The Group company occupies a land of more than 33 hectares, has building area of 18 hectares, total assets 500 million Yuan, more than 2000 employees. including more than 300 engineers and technicians.
         Main products of the group company are divided into three categories. The first category is plastic category, including textile equipment (plastic yarn cop), plastic pipe (double-wall corrugated pipe), automobile motorcycle household appliance plastic parts, plastic seedling tray, wrapping tape etc; the second category is power electronic category: including motorcycle, electric bicycle, engine, generator, automobile travel recording instrument etc; the third category is textile clothes category, including worsted, knitted sweater, clothing, trappings etc. The company has a long history of producing core product textile equipment (plastic yarn cop), has excellent technique, superior technical equipment, strong capability to design and develop new products, has obtained province-level high quality, ministry-level high quality, province-level famous brand etc titles successively, its trademark is province-level famous trademark, main economic indicator has ranked in top 50 of China textile machinery industry for 8 years in a row, market share of the products is above 40%, marketing network spreads all over China and extends to international market.
         The group company attaches great importance to technical innovation, has established cooperative relationship with Zhejiang University High Molecular Material Research Institute etc scientific institutions successively. Carrying on management vision of "Behave, work, deal with business", the company implements business strategy of "construct large park, develop large-scale industry, strengthen great brand, build large group ", makes effort to build Sanyou into a modern enterprise group with plural industries, social capital, International operation, global service and scientific management.
         The group company actively carries forward jumping over type development strategy, has established production base in "Two Ports" Nanhui of Shanghai, and established scientific research center in Hangzhou.
         Sanyou sincerely invites merchants to cooperate with us, and create great undertaking together.
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